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New Brunswick


Lighthouse, New Brunswick.© Michael RickardLighthouse, New Brunswick.
© Michael Rickard
New Brunswick is dotted with unusual attractions. At Fundy National Park, for example, you can head down at low tide and explore an area that will be nine metres (30 feet) below the water's surface at high tide.

The tidal bores on the Bay of Fundy are powerful enough to create a rather peculiar must-see spot, a set of rapids on the Saint John River called the Reversing Falls. You'll find them in a narrow gorge just before the river pushes its way into the bay. The daytime tides are so powerful that they actually reverse the current at high tide. The resulting choppy waters have become prime territory for jet boating and whitewater rafting, and guides will keep you from the most dangerous areas.

An hour away from Fundy National Park is an even stranger natural attraction. Magnetic Hill is an optical illusion on the northern edge of Moncton where gravity appears to run backward. Today, there is a cluster of attractions around Magnetic Hill, including a zoo.

Also of interest, especially to American visitors, is Campobello Island. Found on the Bay of Fundy, the island is actually attached physically by bridge to Maine rather than to mainland New Brunswick. The island was a retreat for President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and the Roosevelt family cottage is still there.

History buffs may also enjoy Kings Landing Historical Settlement near Fredericton, which recreates Loyalist life durinThe longest covered bridge in the world (1282 feet), St. John River, Hartland, New Brunswick.© Rob HuntleyThe longest covered bridge in the world (1282 feet), St. John River, Hartland, New Brunswick.
© Rob Huntley
g the 19th century. The capital city of Fredericton is home to numerous well-preserved Loyalist buildings, as well as the excellent Beaverbrook Art Gallery.

The community of Hartland also offers something special: the world's longest covered bridge. They say that if you can travel the entire 390 metres (1,280 feet) with your eyes closed, your breath held and your fingers crossed, you will be granted a wish.

by Laura Byrne Paquet

Stock Photos from 123RF

Stock Photos from 123RF